Helping public utilities reach their digital goals

Working with both drinking water and wastewater utilities, we accompany them on their digital journeys to assist in meeting their regulatory, community, energy utilization, and monetary objectives for the planning and optimal management of their current and future hydraulic networks. The combined experience of Hydroinformatics, LLC, and industry partners enables us to deliver significant impacts to our clients.



Water/Wastewater Network Planning and Optimization

Optimizing a hydraulic network can achieve numerous objectives! All utilities share a commonality – their uniqueness. They vary in timelines for their long-term control plans (LTCP) and master planning efforts. Planning approaches are highly diverse and may involve integrating distributed control systems and physical assets like storage tanks, diversion/relief sewers, high-rate treatment facilities, and tunnels. Members of Hydroinformatics, LLC, collaborating with utilities and industry partners, possess expertise in optimizing both physical engineering alternatives and control systems using a hybridized approach. Together, utilities can experience significant reductions in LTCP costs and improvements in network performance!


Decision Support Algorithm Development

With decades of combined experience, Hydroinformatics, LLC, and its partners specialize in designing algorithms to maximize the performance of hydraulic networks. A well-developed, tested, and implemented control strategy for water and wastewater networks can result in significant cost savings for both the utility and its ratepayers.

What is a Hydroinformatics Engineer?

The Hydroinformatics engineer is an individual with interdisciplinary skills in the realm of digital water. In this role, a Hydroinformatics professional typically possesses a blend of analytical computer programming and expertise in civil, environmental, or mechanical engineering. They comprehend the dynamics of water movement, delving into hydrology and pipe networks. This unique skill set allows them to effectively manage water behavior using controllable assets and inform operating managers about future behavior through digitization. This process involves the development of analytics and is illustrated through Decision Support Systems.

Principal and Founder


The Pilot's Perspective

Hydroinformatics, LLC incorporates an additional unique perspective that contributes to the development of Decision Support Systems. Similar to an aviatrix or aviator (pilot) in the flight deck of an airplane, who continuously receives instructions from air traffic control and critical satellite/navigation data, Water/Wastewater Network Operators face analogous responsibilities. The digitization of an instrument panel, transitioning from old analog gauges, provides new capabilities to display not only the current state but also the future state.

The principles of flying and the automation systems on an aircraft are as well-understood by pilots as the idiosyncrasies of a water network are by operators. Pilots can either use the auto-pilot or manually fly the plane. Decision Support Systems (Instrument Panel) consistently provide pilots with the most relevant and useful information for each phase of flight. This perspective aids in streamlining and simplifying the data and analytics presented to operators.